Do I need to register my business for VAT and can you help?

Once your VAT taxable business turnover reaches the VAT registration threshold in any 12-month period you must register your business for VAT. This threshold as of April 1, 2024 is £90,000.

Additionally, there are other scenarios to consider. For example, if your business is based outside the UK or if your business supplies goods/services to the UK.

There is the option for voluntary VAT registration even if your turnover does not reach the threshold and, if everything you sell is exempt from VAT, you do not have to register for VAT.

At Dux Advisory, our VAT experts will help you to correctly estimate your turnover in order to determine whether you need to become VAT registered. We will ask you for the relevant information, such as your companies registration number, your business’ UTR, details of your turnover and your business’s bank account details so that we can register your entity online. If you need to register as a sole trader or partnership, we may ask for slightly different information.

Once VAT registered, our VAT guides can keep an eye on your VAT returns, whether they are quarterly, monthly, annually and, if you simply need checks and reminders, which, with the new VAT penalty points system, might just save you from incurring unnecessary fines.

Get in touch today if you need clarification on late filing penalties, or if you’re facing difficulties paying your tax bill, we can advise and guide you in the right direction.


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