Personal Tax

HMRC’s 60-Day Reporting Requirement for Residential Property Sales.

Have you recently sold a UK residential property? Do you know about the 60-day reporting requirement? This article looks at what it means and how it might impact your eventual income from the sale.

Don’t miss your Self-Assessment Deadline.

Self-assessment tax returns are a vital dimension of the UK tax system, particularly crucial for a significant segment of taxpayers. These include individuals with diverse sources of income or those navigating more intricate tax scenarios. For freelancers, business owners, and even individuals with investments or rental income, self-assessment is an annual obligation that demands attention and precision.

Deadline to fill gaps in NIC records for 2006/07 onwards extended to 5 April 2025.

Taxpayers now have until 5 April 2025 to fill gaps in their National Insurance record from April 2006 - if you have gaps in your record, filling them in now could boost your retirement income.

P11D forms – all you need to know.

P11D forms – What and who are they for and why do they matter? We look at some of the key points and provide you with all the essential information you need to know about P11D forms.