Our Business Advisors help you to make those important business decisions with confidence, with us by your side for guidance every step of the way.

We start by listening to your situation, getting to know you, your business and ultimately your goals and what you want to achieve. Then together we make a plan to reach those goals.

With our vast range of services and our highly experienced team of accountants and advisors we strive to deliver creative solutions and offer impartial advice to overcome your challenges, and meet your business needs.

Organisational Restructure

As a business evolves throughout its life cycle, its structure may naturally need to do so too; what was suitable when the business started, might not be any more.

From simple changes such as moving a partnership or sole trade business to a limited company, to the more complex restructure of a group of limited companies into separate ownership, we can work with you and ensure that plans are carefully considered and any changes are closely thought through.  That way we ensure we protect a business’ assets and interests from future challenges.

Business Budgeting and Forecasting

Sometimes you need someone to take an independent perspective of what you’re doing to identify ways of making improvements to your business. There is no magic formula to increasing profits and business value but, with our experience in budgeting and forecasting, if we can identify areas of business where change could result in improved profitability then we will.

Depending on performance and the situation, budgeting and forecasting will adjust and fluctuate throughout a business’s lifecycle, helping you to align your financial resources with your strategies, to evaluate financial performance and to spot potential risks or gaps and opportunities.

With our advice you can be proactive and prepared for any changes that may arise.

Systems Reviews and Implementation

Here at Dux Advisory we regularly invest and train in the latest software and cloud accounting platforms and this allows us to be able to offer the most up to date information and advice to our clients.

Some of the systems and applications we have experience in include Xero, Sage Accounting, Dext, Quickbooks Online, Auto Entry, Spotlight Reporting, Workflow Max, Re-Leased, Beacon, Stripe, GoCardless, Airwallex, Breath HR and many more – all of which are designed to simplify your processes and give you more control of your accounts.

You might want to look at a particular software package or platform, or you might find it beneficial to have a discussion around a specific area in your accounting process that you feel is perhaps out of date, inefficient and taking up too much of your already limited time. We can help with a full system review and the implementation of any new applications.

VAT Reviews

Carrying out a VAT review means peace of mind. When you come to us for a VAT review, we’ll work with you to conduct a ‘health check’ on VAT transactions which will allow us to highlight opportunities for savings, identify areas of risk and suggest cash flow opportunities.

At the end of any review, we’ll provide a comprehensive report with findings and, most importantly, suggestions and recommendations for improvements and future opportunities.

Expert Witness Reporting

We are often asked to provide specialist reporting, for example valuations, tax calculations and assurance reporting in connection with disputes between owners, partners or husband and wife when disputes occur.  Sometimes having this information from an independent source is enough to get all sides moving in the right direction again.

Let us guide you in the right direction.