Audit and Assurance

No matter the size of your business, we believe that properly conducted audits by professionals can be a crucial part of the compliance process.

Audit procedures not only ensure that accounts are prepared accurately and in accordance with appropriate legislation, but also means that we can gain a deeper understanding of your organisations processes and procedures. This puts us in a better position to be able to advise accurately on potential risks to your business, or areas that we feel may need evaluating to protect your business and allow it to thrive.

Not every business needs an audit, however some smaller organisations may benefit from an independent examination or accountants review. We can guide and advise you on all aspects of both statutory and non-statutory audits or assurance engagements and which processes are necessary and ultimately the best option for you.

Statutory Audits

It’s a legal requirement for some organisations to have an audit unless they meet certain exemption criteria. A statutory audit examines financial transactions and records to help demonstrate that an organisation provides a true and accurate representation of its financial position.  During the process of a statutory audit our team will use the information gathered to advise and guide you of any changes and/ or improvements you could be making to enhance the efficiency and profitability or your business.

Voluntary/Non-Statutory Audits

Whilst smaller organisations may not require a statutory audit, we believe that the benefits and value gained from a voluntary audit or assurance engagement should be carefully considered as part of an overall business strategy. A voluntary engagement will effectively highlight potential areas of weakness, help with management of risk, give suggestions for improvement and guide you in regulation compliance.  

Specialist Audits and Reporting

Not all audits are managed in the same way and our audit team share a wealth of trade and sector specific knowledge, staying on top of industry developments, latest regulations and best practices.

Assurance Reporting

There are some instances when change within a business leads to questions of trust and the need for verification of an organisations legitimacy of procedures and compliance. When such a situation arises, our team can carry out the necessary investigations involving fully compliant review, evaluation and conclusions needed to provide the required assurance report.

Auditing for the Not-For-Profit Sector

Reporting for charities and other similar organisations has its own set of very specific standards and requirements and our team of expert charity accountants understand the many challenges faced by not-for-profit organisations.

We are committed to providing comprehensive not-for-profit audit services, helping our clients maintain a financially sound organisation so that they can focus on meeting the core objectives of their charity.

Let us guide you in the right direction.