Corporate Finance

Our goal is to guide ambitious individuals and organisations in making business decisions and transactions as seamless as possible; supporting you on your journey through your business lifecycle.

We’ll work with you to ensure that any issues are clearly defined and that ongoing interests are protected, providing advice and insight along the way.

Our significant corporate expertise and background experience means that no matter how complex the challenge, with us alongside you, your end goals are achievable.

Selling a Business

Planning how you’ll exit or sell the business you’ve spent years of hard work building is often overlooked, but having a good exit strategy is key to ensuring your business holds maximum value before you even start the sales process.

We can help advise throughout the entire process ensuring that paperwork, legal documents and tax matters are all in hand.

With the support and guidance of our team you can be sure that the plans and decisions you make today will give you more control and see you reap the benefits as you approach the final sale.

Support with Funding for Growth

Growing a business can bring many new challenges to business owners – finding the funds to enable and support that growth is just one of them.

Our advice on how to source the right type of funding comes from years of supporting aspirational business owners, across a wide range of sectors. We’ll guide you through the process to make sure you qualify for the funding you need.

Due Diligence

The process of due diligence can take various forms, but is ultimately a comprehensive investigation or review of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer prior to the completion of a transaction.

We’ll work with you, advising on areas that are material to the buying/ selling decision in order to assess potential financial risks and opportunities, and whether, given these risks and opportunities, the target business or the sale will fit well into the overall strategy of the buyer or the seller.

Business Acquisitions and Disposals

Whether you’re looking to sell your business or want help in achieving growth by acquiring others, our acquisitions and disposals advisory services can support you.

From guidance on tax implications that require careful consideration to due diligence on any target acquisitions, business valuation advice, how structures might work and explaining your funding options, Dux Advisory can work with you to achieve the successful outcome you deserve.

Let us guide you in the right direction.