Our People Stories

Developing successful futures one step at a time.

As a training practice, we’re committed to guiding new accountants on their path to a successful future.

We’re passionate about our people and every member of our team has experienced their own unique journey into accountancy.

Harry’s Story

Harry joined Dux Advisory as a Tax Trainee for his placement year as part of his university degree. Once he had completed his placement, he was offered a permanent part time remote role which he now does alongside his degree.

After leaving school and going to college to do a business course, things didn’t go to plan for Harry, however, he worked out a new path to get to where he wanted to be and successfully started his degree.

“Don’t panic if things don’t go as you plan them to when you leave school – there is still time, you’re still young and you can always change your path whenever you like”

“One of my biggest successes to date is graduating during Covid. With the fluctuation of online and in person learning there were times when I felt that graduating was going to be impossible – but I did it! ”

Ed’s Story

Ed studied his A Levels at school and then bravely took quite a different path to most of his friends by leaving for Australia where he worked in a school. Because of Covid, Ed returned to the UK.

With A Levels in maths and economics, Ed decided that an accountancy path would be a great choice and that’s when he contacted Dux Advisory. He is now working towards the next step in his career.

“I’ve had to develop my communication and people skills in my role – I wasn’t so confident in talking to people before, but I have to deal with our clients every day and that has really helped me build my confidence. ”

“The most challenging part of my apprenticeship so far has been learning all of the new technology and software that I need for the job. ”

Sam’s Story

Sam joined Dux Advisory as a Tax Trainee for the placement year portion of his university degree.

After lots of searching for the right opportunity Sam found the position through his university, and felt immediately that it was a great fit.

He really enjoys the atmosphere working in the office, the ability to learn from more senior colleagues and being given lots of responsibility so early on.

“Getting practical experience has been so valuable to my development, and has taught me so much about what my strengths and weaknesses are. ”

“My goals are to keep going and continue to work hard! I don’t want to get ‘comfortable’, I want to always be challenging myself. ”